A different kind of Sunday walk

A sunny Sunday in the beginning of January I took a walk through my new hometown, Krakow. With a map in my hand, I ended up in the beautiful Jewish quarters on the south side of the city. This area certainly awakes a lot of different feelings and thoughts about the past. I chose to walk the small side streets to get away from any tourist groups, and somehow ended up in the old Jewish cemetery.

Although I was the only (living) person in the whole grave yard, I certainly didn’t feel like I was alone. Rather, my first reaction was that it felt very crowded. I also felt like I had been taken 100 years back in time. The place felt somehow magical, yet scary, even a bit creepy, but most of all it raised a strong feeling of respect.





P1100791 P1100793 P1100795 P1100797 P1100810 P11007917


4 thoughts on “A different kind of Sunday walk

  1. I am floored by this imagery. You do it justice. I would like to visit here one day. Thank you for showing and sharing it!

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